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For most people, the Isagenix 9 Day or 30 Day Program is something their friend did and she lost a lot of weight and feels great.
And that’s about it. Most of us have no idea what’s in it or how it works.
Well, that was me last week…
My good friend is always talking about Isagenix, but I never really listened.  Actually, I was a skeptic.  I am by nature, but who isn’t when it comes to dieting advice?
So,it took a long time, but I finally listened and I learned that the Isagenix 9 Day and 30 Day programs really aren’t about dieting at all.  Isagenix is really about getting healthy on the cellular level and weight loss is just a side effect.
How Isagenix is Refreshingly Different
Isagenix is a clinically-proven four-step Cleansing and Fat Burning System that helps fire-up your fat-melting metabolism for healthy weight loss and optimal health.

No more yo-yo dieting or taking dangerous diet pills. Finally – shed those stubborn unwanted pounds and extra inches easily without going hungry or starving yourself. Here are the four low-calorie, fat-burning steps to a slimmer, healthier you.

Step One – Nutritional Cleansing with Cleanse-for-Life®
You start by giving your body the right nutrition for a thorough cellular detox is called “Nutritional Cleansing.” Nutritional Cleansing is not one of those fad juice fasts or crazy colon cleanses.

Cleanse for Life is a natural, delicious herbal drink that supports Nutritional Cleansing. It helps your body’s own natural detox systems remove toxins as you lower calories and burn off unwanted body fat.

Each 25-calorie serving contains a proprietary blend of 11 gentle detox-promoting natural botanicals with organic agents and Ionic Alfalfa™ minerals.

When you perform regular Nutritional Cleansing with Cleanse for Life, you give your body a fat-burning start to ideal weight and optimal health.

Step Two – Replenish Your Body with Satisfying IsaLean® Shakes
The IsaLean® Shake is a high-protein, nutrient-dense, low 240-calorie complete beverage that satisfies you while helping burn unwanted body fat.

The filling, proprietary replenishing formula combines in one tasty shake:

•23 grams of the highest-quality grade 7 undenatured whey and casein protein from the world’s pure source: New Zealand grass-fed cows raised without antibiotics, growth hormone or steroids
•6 grams of good fats from olive oil, flax seed and high-oleic sunflower oil
•Low in lactose, with extra lactase enzymes for easy digestion
•Natural, helpful digestive enzymes, with acidophilus for bowel health- and for optimal nutrition:
•Essential A, B, C, D and E vitamins with ionic minerals sourced from deep beneath the earth’s crust
•Natural flavors with no artificial ingredients
•No trans or esterified fat
•An ideal 40:30:30 nutrient ratio – the right blend of carbohydrates, protein and fat for optimal nutrition
I can drink one or two complete, nutritionally-packed, low-calorie IsaLean Shakes daily for healthy weight and optimal health.

Step Three – Relax and Rejuvenate with Ionix® Supreme
Try Ionix Supreme!  It offers a unique blend of stress-coping, performance-supporting adaptogenic herbs that includes: Eleutherococcus , Golden Root and Nepali Shilajit, plus antioxidants like Wolfberry and Ionic Alfalfa.

Adaptogenic herbs have been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Soviet Scientists used adaptogenic herbs to secretly improve the performance of their gold-medal-winning Olympic athletes, cosmonauts and soldiers.

Scientific studies suggest adaptogenic herbs in Ionix Supreme may balance your brain under stress, maximizing your mental and physical performance. This helps your healthy weight-loss with the Cleansing and Fat-Burning System.

Together, Ionix Supreme’s adaptogenic botanicals, antioxidant flavonoids, B vitamins and exclusive Ionic Alfalfa minerals help soothe stress, while boosting youthful energy for easier exercise and workouts – without caffeine, excess sugar or stimulants.

Ionix Supreme contains a proprietary blend of over 100 natural active ingredients known to help support improved mental and physical performance.

•Reduce stress – perform at your best. Drink 1-2 ounces of Ionix Supreme daily.
Step Four – Fire-Up Your Fat-Burning Metabolism with Natural Accelerator™
Natural Accelerator fires-up your fat-burning metabolism while reducing your appetite with zero calories and no caffeine or sugar.

The natural fat-melting ingredients, green tea, cayenne, American ginseng and cinnamon, give you a smooth-lasting energy boost without those shaky feelings and jitters you get from over-sugared, caffeinated energy drinks. The extra 75 mcg of chromium helps balance your blood sugar.

Natural Accelerator is 100% caffeine-free and does not contain any harmful or banned stimulants such as ephedra or ma huang. This natural fat-burning formula also includes Royal Jelly extract, a source of natural B vitamins and a rich supply of niacin that supports reduced appetite.

Healthy Weight Loss with Isagenix
Isagenix’s low-calorie Cleansing and Fat Burning System helps support your body for healthy weight loss and optimal health without dieting.

I Listened and now I am sharing the benefits of this incredible system with all of my Friends & Family, including you!

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** These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

People in Calgary, Alberta Love Isagenix
I live in Calgary, Alberta and I can’t tell you how many people love losing weight!

When I was introduced  to Isagenix, I previously lived in a world where weight loss, maintaining weight loss and finding clothes that fit (even in my own closet) was extremely difficult.

It was like that dream… You know the one, you’re chasing after that elusive carrot and some day, some how you’re going to find the key to having and keeping a healthy weight.

In short, you will have “arrived”. That doesn’t mean life is perfect however, finally all the effort will have paid off with regard to this one specific area. I tell you, I found it and I didn’t have to sacrifice my first-born. I was already doing some healthy things, I just wasn’t aware of the effects of cleansing and good nutrition and how GOOD I would feel. The fact that I dropped 2 sizes and found incredible energy made me want to shout it from the rooftops!! If you would like more information on how you can start your own adventure toward better health, please visit my site.
Water can be an antioxidant and aid body cleansinger
Anyone reading about preventative health has come across articles correlating the importance of water with overall good health. Since more than 60% of our body weight is water it is imperative that we stay hydrated with healthy water.  But how do we do this?

How to order Isagenix cleanse around Alberta, Canada 

When choosing a system to provide your body with good water consider the two important factors about water that your body needs: An alkaline PH and a high Oxygen-reduction Potential (ORP).

Current filtering processes to remove harmful impurities also strips the water of valuable electrons (negative ions). Electrons are needed (high ORP) to render free radicals present in regular drinking water harmless.

PH, the other important factor in helping our bodies fight disease and aging, is important because a higher PH (alkalized water) helps ensure maximum hydration at a cellular level. This assists the body to efficiently cleanse away toxins in our systems. Other important benefits are in aiding digestion, and  bone health.  Of interest is that bone health relies on a healthy acid/alkaline balance in the diet.  With a net acid load the body leaches bone minerals such as calcium to maintain proper blood PH.

Isagenix has addressed both of these issues with Isawater. Adding one pump of Isawater to 80z of tap water helps neutralize free radicals found in regular drinking water, and  raise the PH.  Part of the beauty of this new effective product is that it is completely portable in a small glass pump bottle.

With Isawater our family now has an easy way to make sure we are drinking healthy water even when traveling.  To find out more about this revolutionary product through a short video please.  To find out how to purchase this product and to learn more     I can be reached at:  877-376-5003

Can I Use Isagenix Products if I am Pregnant or Breastfeeding?
Here is what Isagenix recommends:

Expectant mothers have unique nutritional needs.

Pregnancy is a delicate time for both mother and child. As you know, there’s a lot going on in your growing belly and staying well nourished is critical for normal fetal development and maternal health.


A dietary plan during pregnancy should best suit individual needs. For this reason, Isagenix recommends an expectant mother review diet and any products with her doctor closely. A quality, physician-prescribed prenatal supplement can also help fill in nutritional gaps. (For general dietary and supplement advice during pregnancy, see USDA MyPyramid Plan for Moms.)

An expectant mother may take advantage of Isagenix food products—such as IsaLean Shakes, Bars, SlimCakes—however, she should do so only with prior approval from her personal doctor or nutritionist. Because the calorie and nutrient needs in pregnant women increase, the shakes and other products should not be considered meal replacements during pregnancy, nor should they be considered as replacements for physician-prescribed supplements.

Isagenix products (including Essentials for Women) should not replace physician-prescribed prenatal supplements. In addition, Cleanse for Life, Natural Accelerator and Ionix Supreme should be avoided because a few of the herbal adaptogens in these products have not yet been studied well in pregnant women.


After pregnancy, mothers can benefit from using Isagenix products for losing weight. However, mothers who breastfeed their babies should avoid “deep cleansing” with Cleanse for Life—a regular intake of calories is necessary to ensure a healthy production of milk. Ionix Supreme and Natural Accelerator may also need to be avoided as it may change the flavor of mother’s milk.

While breastfeeding, we encourage you continuefollowing your doctor’s advice on supplements including recommendations for a purified fish oil omega-3 supplement, which is important for child brain development.

To help you lose weight safely after pregnancy and while breastfeeding,you may also considertaking advantage of IsaLean Shake and Bar meal replacements, eating regular amounts of fiber with SlimCakes and FiberPro, and sticking to a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

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Calgary, Alberta Isagenix Cleansing business building dreams
I never would have thought that stopping by a kiosk at a mall in Calgary, Alberta to win a bottle of an Aloe based body cleanse would change my life.  My results on the cleanse were so surprising that I had to look further into who else was having such wonderful results.

I wanted to know more about the people who make up this company and product  line.  It has taken me on a journey and  opened my eyes to what true wellness is and what residual income is.  As a Physical Therapist I thought I was doing all the right things to stay healthy and to plan for retirement.

What I have learned was that I was missing a key component to preventative health, and that I can share good health, build income with a global business, and help others do the same, right from my home in Fort Collins, CO.!

I love helping others to be happy and Isagenix is the perfect vehicle for me.

 Why chase the latest healthy berry?
Almost daily information comes out that educates us on how to maximize our health.  Often we hear about super fruits and berries;  which studies linking `to their health benefits of consuming them.

Instead of chasing the next latest berry or fruit or even vegetable why not use a supplement that contains 30 of the most health promoting fruits/veges?  Today I read an article, it mentions how when you add a pro-biotic with the consumption of blueberries that there is a “greater reduction of the inflammatory producing bacteria in the intestine at the same time that the number of health-promoting lactobacilla increased”.

We have had this effective combination in many Isagenix products.  John Anderson, the master formulator and his associates knew this and that is why when you read the ingredients in  Isafruits you will see a wide array of super fruits and pro-biotics.

What Isagenix Products Do I NEED?
There are so many ways use Isagenix products.  What you pick will really depend on your goals.

Below we will give just a few popular options and let you know what you can expect.

On a 30 Day Nutritional Cleanse you will start with 2 Pre Cleanse Days, then 1 Cleanse Day.  Follow with 6 Shake Days and repeat the Cleanse Day.  Repeat 6 Shake Days/1 Cleanse.  That’s it.  On a 30 Day Cleanse you will only cleanse one day a week.  The rest are all Shake Days.

On a 9 Day you will have enough product to have 2 Pre Cleanse Days which are the same as Shake Days, 4 Cleanse Days and 5 Shake Days.  You’ll start with the 2 Pre Cleanse Days.  Follow with 2 Cleanse Days.  Than 5 Shake Days.  Finish up with 2 more Cleanse Days.

On the Cleanse/Shake system you will have enough product to have shake days 5 days a week and 2 cleanse days.  Start with 2 Shakes days.  Follow with 1 Cleanse Day.  Then 2 Shake Days.  Follow with 1 Cleanse day. Then 1 Shake Day. Repeat. This will be enough for two weeks.

When you are ready to order Isagenix, you get the lowest prices on
Have you been with Isagenix for a while?
Have you already reached your goals?
Are you just starting out?
Are you hoping this will work?

Isagenix is amazing.  When I first started with the Isagenix products, I was a skeptic.  I did not believe this time would be any different. I’m so thankful, I was wrong!

With Isagenix I was able to reach my goals and I got so much more.  I love how I feel!  Thank you Isagenix!
Let’s count our blessings-

1)You have already made a decision and a commitment to yourself by choosing a vehicle like Isagenix to help you achieve your goals.

2)You have learned from mistakes in the past and you are ready to do what it takes to make this work NOW.

3)You have an incredible support team, that wants to help you succeed. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!
Your team is amazing talented, motivated and growing quickly.  If you are receiving this email you are a part of the team.  While you may only be interested in the products, know that we are here to help and support you while you reach your goals.  If you have friends and family that are noticing your results, let’s help you share Isagenix with them.
If you are an Associate just send them to your website.  You can call, email or get in touch with us on Facebook anytime if you have questions.
For Preferred and Retail Customers, our website is
You don’t have to have all the answers – send them to the website to get their Isagenix question’s answered.

Isagenix is not a scam!

Isagenix has develoedp no-compromise formulas that really work.  If you have been with them for a while you know they offere real results for everyBODY.

Isagenix® works because they offer only high-quality, natural, no-compromise products. Their world-class Research & Development team is on your side and has made losing weight and getting healthy easy!

Read the success stories for motivation.  Isagenix Product Systems improve health, while the Compensation Plan helps set you free financially.  Can’t find them?  We can help – just ask!

Cleanse, Replenish and Revitalize is the founding principle behind Isagenix’s cutting-edge products.

Cleansing helps keep the body healthy and supports successful, long-term weight loss.

Replenishing and revitalizing the body with nutrients helps to revitalize the body’s systems, leading to sustained good health.

The 9 and 30-Day Sytems include revolutionary products that have helped hundreds of thousands with reaching their health and weight-loss goals.  They can help you and the people in your life too.

If you are interested in the business- the Compensation Plan is among the most generous in the industry, and the easiest to understand. Executive Vice-President Kathy Coover’s goal is to create more six- and seven-figure income earners at Isagenix than any other company in the industry – and we’re well on our way!

If you are ready to begin your Isagenix journey or if you need more information, please visit

How to order  Isagenix 9 Day weight loss around Alberta, Canada 

Call 1-877-376-5003 to order Isagenix in Alberta