I did the Isagenix 30 day and am about to receive my 2nd 30 day plan. I lost 20 lbs and 20 inches. I'm also hypothyroid. In the event you stick to the plan, having a coach, as soon as the 30 days are more than it is possible to start gradually adding in fruit and dairy, and so forth. and sustain or do another 30 like I'm selecting to accomplish. You also can have unlimited veges all day long should you want plus snacks which might be on the program. The Isagenix shakes are truly very good in case you use much less water and more ice and they fill you up. Dinners are fairly typical. I do lots of chicken, black beans and rice and am by no means hungry. I also never felt "too weak to function out" -- which is a excuse. I'm turning 50 soon and have had more power than I've ever had in current years. Isagenix can be a excellent method which is also looked posititvely apon by healthcare experts and those within the exercise/weight loss profession. It teaches you to every proper, and place things in your body to make a optimistic influence. Calgary, Alberta

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